Saggart Village, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
tel: (01) 458 6794

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Menus / Lunch Menu

(C) = Coeliac compatible (V) = Vegetarian

Salads & Light Snacks

Home-made Soup of the Day (V) (C)
€ 4.95
Served with home-made brown bread. 
Spicy Chicken Wings small (C) (12 wings) 8.95 / large (20 wings) 12.95
€ --.--
Served with celery sticks and Cashel Blue cheese dip. 
Anvil Salad (C)
€ 9.93
Mixed leaves, crispy bacon, feta and parmesan cheese, cherry tomato, red onion,pine nuts and Anvil dressing. Served with toasted garlic bread.
Caesar Salad
€ 9.95
Cos leaves, aged parmesan, crispy croutons, bacon bits and Caesar dressing. 
Low Calorie Char-grilled Marinated Fresh Tuna Salad
€ 12.97

char-grilled tuna, free range boiled egg, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, black olives mixed leaves. Low-cal dressing on the side.

Caprese Salad (V) (C)
€ 8.95
buffalo mozzarella, plum tomato, rocket salad, balsamic and pesto dressing. 

Add Chicken to salads - €12.95. Vegetarian Salads also available - just ask.

Sandwiches, Wraps, Paninis & Bagels

Soup & Sambo Combo
€ 8.50
Home-made soup of the day with toasted ham and cheese sandwich 
Open Fresh Organic Salmon Sandwich on Brown Bread
€ 10.95
Home-made brown bread topped with flaked poached organic salmon, sprinkled with red onion. Served with a side salad and a light herb mayonnaise.
Open Prawn Sandwich
€ 10.95
Home-made brown bread topped with Boston prawns mixed with Marie Rose sauce,iceberg salad and plum tomato, served with a side salad.

Warm Tandoori Chicken Wrap
€ 12.50
Marinated Tandoori chicken with garlic aioli, dressed leaves, cucumber yoghurt riata wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla and served with wedges. 
Shredded Duck Wrap
€ 11.95
Shredded duck, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion and hoi-sin sauce, wrapped in a toasted tortilla and served with a choice of two salads.
Hot Spicy Chicken Wrap
€ 10.95
Hot spicy chicken with grated cheese and salsa in a flour tortilla. Served with home-made potato wedges and side salad.
Mixed Bean Chilli Wrap (V)
€ 10.95
Hot Mexican bean chilli, grated cheese and salsa baked in a flour tortilla and served with homemade potato wedges and house salad. 
Warm Satay Chicken Focaccia
€ 12.50
Satay chicken on toasted focaccia bread with sweet chilli mayonnaise, dressed leaves, crisp cucumber and toasted peanuts. Served with wedges. 
Caprese Panini (V)
€ 9.95
Toasted baguette with buffalo mozzarella, plum tomato, balsamic and pesto dressing. Served with a choice of two salads.  
Brie, Apple & Cranberry Panini (V)
€ 9.93
Toasted panini filled with brie, apple and cranberry. Served with a choice of two salads. 
B.L.T. Bagel
€ 7.97
Toasted bagel, with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, garnished with salad and nachos. 
The Chicken Bagel
€ 7.97
Toasted bagel with curried mayonnaise, breast of chicken, rocket salad and pineapple. Garnished with salad and pomme frites. (add chicken €2.00) 
The Anvil Pesto Crunch Bagel
€ 7.97

Toasted bagel topped with cream cheese, sundried tomato, sliced cucumber and pesto mayonnaise. Garnished with salad and pommes frites. (Add Chicken  €2.00)

Hot Beef Ciabatta
€ 10.97
Hot roast beef on toasted ciabatta with horseradish mayonnaise, stuffing, sliced tomato and mixed leaf salad. Served with home-made wedges. 
The Tuna Wrap
€ 8.93
Tuna flakes mixed with mayonnaise, sweet corn and melted cheese in a flour tortilla. Served with a choice of two salads 

Hot Dishes

Home-made Goats Cheese Tart (V)
€ 10.98
Pastry casefilled with caramelised red onions, grilled red peppers and goat's cheese. Served with rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing and pommes frites. 
Chicken Curry
€ 12.97
Sautéed chicken fillet, mild curry sauce, basmati rice, naan bread, yoghurt and mint dip. 
Home-made Beef Burger
€ 12.95
On a toasted bap with melted mozzarella and Ballymaloe relish, with home-made wedges and a garnish of salad leaves, tomato and dill pickle.
Add Bacon: €13.95
Cajun Chicken Burger
€ 12.95
Breast of Cajun chicken with melted mozzarella and lemon mayonnaise on a toasted bap served with salad garnish and home-made wedges. 
Penne Carbonnara
€ 11.95
Penne pasta with onions, bacon and ham in a rich cream sauce. Served with parmesan cheese and garlic bread. 
Anvil-style Bangers & Mash
€ 11.95
Grilled jumbo Cumberland sausage served with a rich creamy mash potato and smoked bacon and onion gravy. 
Clare Island Baked Organic Salmon Fillet
€ 12.95
Baked organic salmon fillet with baby new season's potatoes and salsa verde. 

Choice of Salads

Thai Noodle Salad
Moroccan Chickpea & Cous-cous Salad
Mixed Leaf Salad
Home-made Coleslaw