Saggart Village, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
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Menus / Wines

House Wines - White

1a. Pinot Grigio, Argento, Italy 2010
€ 18.50
Straw yellow with tinges of gold; delicate and pleasing bouquet with floral and fruity scents. Dry and fresh on the palate. Glass: € 4.95
1b. Sauvignon Blanc, Tour de la Roche, Touraine, France 2010
€ 18.50
Briliant pale yellow; refreshing with complex fruity and floral nose, grapefruit and white box aromas: elegant and rich on the palate. Glass: € 4.95

House Wines - Red

2a. Swallow's Tale Shiraz Cabernet - South Africa
€ 18.50

Dark ruby with youthful blackberry and ripe berried fruits. Young and vibrant with elegant upfront fruit ending with a touch of peppery spice. Glass: € 4.95

2a. Emiliana Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile
€ 18.50
Lots of typical Chilean Cabernet varietal character, strawberry and blackcurrants on nose with leafy, red pepper undertones; quite soft and fruity but with some depth and structure; lightly dry tannins complete the finish Glass: € 4.95

Red Wine Selection

3. Chianti Corale, Tuscany, Italy, 2009
€ 18.95
A fruity bouquet of blueberries and rasberries. The palate is harmonious and fresh with notes of rasberries and cherry; moderate acidity.
4. Westend Cabernet / Merlot, Australia, 2009
€ 18.50
5. Chateau Fayau, Bordeaux Superieur, France, 2008
€ 23.00
6. Salice Salentino Riserva, Casato D' Alojsa, Italy, 2008
€ 24.00
7. Rioja, Bilbao, Single Vineyard, Spain, 2009
€ 24.00
8. Punto Final, Malbec Classico, Renacer, Argentina, 2009
€ 23.50
9. Carmenere Cabernet Reserve Emiliana, Chile, 2009
€ 22.00
10. Montepulciano d' Abruzzo, Convivale, Italy, 2009
€ 18.50
11. Tommasi Valpolicella, Ripasso, Italy, 2008
€ 33.50
12. Tommasi Amarone - Italy
€ 70.00
Full bodied, warm and ripe with intense flavours.

White Wine Selection

13. Garganega Pinot Grigio - Italy
€ 21.00
Crisp, fresh and clean, with well defined varietal style.
14. Sauvignan Blanc, Five Ways, Marlborough New Zealand
€ 23.00
This Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc shows a terrific intensity and length with the crispness of a crunchy green apple.
15. Chardonnay Marsanne Reserva Emiliana - Chile
€ 21.00
An award winning wine, with rich round flavours, full bodied and mellow. 
16. Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River - Australia
€ 22.00
This is an exciting Western Australian Sauvignon Blanc displaying an appealing mix of fresh tropical fruit, melon, pineapple and white peach.
17. Pinot Grigio, La di Motte Italy
€ 23.00
Greenstone Point Riesling is fresh and lively with an off dry finish.
18. Sauvignon Blanc, Greenstone Point - New Zealand
€ 25.00
Sauvignon Blanc displays broadly layered fruit characters, superb tropical aromas and enticing hints of bell pepper 
19. Chablis,JC Fromont France
€ 29.00
Fresh and supple, the wine is marked by mineral notes that are typical of the appellation.
20. Sancerre, Domaine Henri Pelle - France
€ 29.00
A beautifully fresh aroma of tropical fruits and very subtle herbaceousness.There's some tart citrus and gooseberry freshness in there as well, completing an excellent wine.


21. Pinot Grigio Rose, Ancora - Italy
€ 22.00
Delicate and light with pale pink colour and soft strawberry like fruit.

Champagne & Sparkling

22. Coldigiano Prosecco - Italy
€ 33.00
Apple flavours, with a lively mousse, this is perfect as an aperitif.
23. Champagne, Trouillard France
€ 45.00
Yeasty with buttered toast aroma, sheer luxury and utterly delicious.